Skyway Laser Storm
October 23rd Regional. First Place: “Kamikaze”: Red Dog, Cha-Che, Demideath, Skeletor, Katrina Petrova 2nd: “The Kings Man”: Rave, Llama, Clueless, Cloud, Tjockes Tom 3rd(tie): “Harambe’s Revenge”: The Diva, Dominator, Creep1nx, Auginautumn, King 3rd(tie): “Hip Hop Anonymous”: Hawk, Siren, Pickles, Dancer, Spyder 3rd(tie): “The Cincinnati Zookeepers”: Reflex, Selenago, Silent Killer, Shank, […]

Laser Storm October 23rd Regional

The House System is going to be used, and developed this season.  It has two functions, first to and a new dimension to the game in a fun way.  It will allow players to earn achievements and points to help their House win the cup. The second function is to […]

Laser Storm Houses

Last night Laser Storm Pittsburgh hosted the 2016-2017 Regional Opener. With a last minute team dropout, we ended up with 7 teams totaling 35 players. First Place: “The Kings Man”: Rave, Llama, Clueless, Swamp Fox, Tjockes Tom 2nd(tie): “Hip Hop Anonymous”: Hawk, Siren, Pickles, Dancer, Spyder 2nd(tie): “Kamikaze”: Red Dog, […]

Laser Storm Regional Opener at LSP

Ok, so maybe it’s a whole new site and not just calendar. I’ve archived the old site: I’ve put this move off for a long time, because there was a lot of potential with the old system.  At some point I’ve realized that I am trying to do way too […]

Upcoming Events and New Calendar!