Laser Blast Tournament in Howell Michigan

This last weekend Michigan Blast players hosted a tournament at Castaway Play Café in Howell, Michigan. Although the tournament was severely hindered by terrible weather and players having to drive through 6+ inches of snow it was still a great turnout. Arguably the best players that Michigan Blast has to offer to the world of laser tag came out for the event. The tournament featured players representing 7 different centers across Michigan (Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Howell, Farmington, Lansing, Canton, and Clinton Township).

The event was structured to be an auction draft with each captain being able to use 100 imaginary currencies to spend on their team of either 6 or 7 players. The format of the game was a 15 minute, and 20 lives “team base elimination” game. The teams battled it out within a double round robin bracket to determine the order of the top 3 teams.

The rankings and results are as follows:

First place:

Captain – Skillz


Red Leader



Gooby pls

Second Place:

Captain – Hyperion

Sugar Daddy

Sausage (Nat Mystic)

The Didact

Sir Amberlin


Third Place:

Captain – CopeWithIt



Lady Vengeance

Yao Fei

II David


Following the tournament each player voted for who they believed to be the MVP candidates from the other teams. Here are the following MVPs as voted by the players.



*Sugar Daddy

*Sausage (Nat Mystic)




The Michigan Winter Invitational Laser Blast Tournament was an outstanding success that has paved the way to the next Michigan Blast Tournament, which will be held in late February at Castaway Play Café.