With the birth of Photon in 1984, laser tag turns 30 this year!

To celebrate, Jason Bock “The Lasertag Guy”, and Marc Muller (XP Laser Sport) are hosting a Photon Reunion in July.  It will be hosted at XP Laser Sport in Laurel Maryland, on a Photon field!  The packs(pods, as they are called) are in good working order but need new batteries.  So to make that happen, and to host a big banquet for everyone, they have started an indiegogo fundraiser (like kickstarter).  Just check the link at the top of the page, if you contribute, you will get rewards based on your contribution level.
If the goal of $13,000 isn’t reached, you won’t be charged.

This might be your last chance to experience the first ever laser tag!  Don’t miss it!  From the campaign:


Phocon: A Laser Tag 30th Birthday Party

Photon was the original commercial laser tag experience. The first Photon location opened its doors in 1984 near Dallas, Texas. Laser tag is 30 years old this year!

To commemorate the fun, excitement and competition laser tag has brought to all of us over the past 30 years, Jason Bock the Laser Tag Guy and Marc Mueller of XP LaserSport are going to bring back Photon for a last “hurrah” this summer.

This may be your last chance to try the granddaddy of all laser tag equipment or to relive one of your 80’s fantasies.

Raising Funds to Rework the Equipment

Marc has over 40 functional Photon pods at XP LaserSport, but due to time, the batteries were shot the last time we tried to play Photon.

There is also need for cleaning some of the equipment after water damage suffered this winter and testing the base equipment like the radio and game computer.

We want to make Photon pristine for your enjoyment.

In addition, we’re planning a little birthday bash with a banquet and special guests like George Carter, Photon’s inventor and founder.

  • Your contribution will be used to repair and replace Photon equipment for the Armageddon Laser Tag tournament and the July 25-27th Birthday Celebration.
  • Your contribution will also be used to pay for a birthday celebration banquet on the 26th near Laurel.

Contribute and You Can Play Photon

If you contribute at least $120 towards this cause, you’ll be entitled to join everybody at this 30th birthday party and play Photon. While you may have the opportunity to join the festivities later, we won’t be able to have the party at all if you don’t help us reach our goal.

Be One of the First 15 to Contribute

The first 15 to contribute at the $120 or higher level will receive a special remastered version ofLightSport on DVD from Yo Vinny! productions. This new edition will feature footage not used in the original video.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Spread the world about Phocon and the 30th Birthday Party to your friends and former teammates.
  • You can use the Indiegogo share tools to get the word out.

Will you help us let the light shine one more time?