18th Annual Laser Storm Nationals

The 18th Annual Laser Storm National Championship will be held at Laser Assault in Provo Utah on August 14th through 17th.

This is a large departure from all previous Nationals as this arena is not divided like a traditional Laser Storm.  It also uses shoulder sensors instead of a headset.

For this event, a dividing wall of some sort will be added to the arena so that a standard tournament can be played with National settings and rules.  Headsets will also replace the shoulder sensors.

This tournament will also utilize the the local playing style, having at least 1 round robin event on their settings, non-divded, with shoulder sensors.

The tournament itself will also differ from previous Laser Storm Nationals in that multiple events will be hosted rather than a single format round robin.  The reason is to change up how the game is played, while conserving the standard format for 1 round robin event and for the Finals which will be double elimination.