Laser Storm Houses

The House System is going to be used, and developed this season.  It has two functions, first to and a new dimension to the game in a fun way.  It will allow players to earn achievements and points to help their House win the cup.
The second function is to help foster new players.  Some awards are designed to encourage teams to bring in new players, bring back old players, and to generally help make the group more inviting to new players.

At the end of the season, the House Cup will be awarded to the House with the most points.

Points are separated into two categories, Seeding Points, and House Points.

Seeding points can only be earned by placement at a Regional Tournament.  These are also the points that are used to determine seeding at Finals, or any event where seeding is necessary.

House Points are all of the other points being awarded.  The House Cup goes to the House with the most Seeding AND House points.

Seeding points:
1st place: 140 pts
2nd: 120 pts
3rd: 100 pts
4th: 80 pts
5th: 60 pts
6th: 40 pts
7th: 20 pts
8th: 0 pts
This is basically our old system x10, so the end results should be roughly the same.

Now we get into the achievements, or House points that go to winning the House Cup (along with the Ranking Points)
New Tournament player 20 pts per player
New Other system player 10 pts per player
Non-Home tournament 1 pt per team
Non-player ref from house 20 pts each
Act as ref guide for new players 2 pts/tournament
Bring back old school player > 5 years 1 pt
Bring back old school player > 10 years 2 pts

Core of 5 players 5 pts/tournament
Core of 4 players 3 pts/tournament
Core of 3 players 1 pt/tournament

Stat based awards, based on the total tournament stats(averaged by games played):
Accuracy > 10% 2 pt
Accuracy > 8% 1pt
Highest Tournament Accuracy 5pts (once per season)