2018 Regional Opener at Skyway

The Laser Storm Regional Opener was hosted at Skyway Drive-In and Laser Storm on Saturday Sept 23rd.  
There were five teams in attendance.

First Place: Drove2Far with Red Dog, Venom, Cloud, Sanchez, and Woodpile
Second Place: Unforgiven with Dominator, SK, Reflex, Creep1nx, and Shank
Third Place: Magma Orange with BAM, Shiro, Diva, Auginautumn, and Wick3d End
Fourth Place: We Showed Up with Icarus, The Phantom, Phoenix, Rogue, and XHunter
Fifth Place: How I Lost My Virginity To A Thin Mint Cookie with LuciousLarry(Deathstalker), Skelator, Cabbage, PewPew, and FireBear

We played a double round Robin.
Green Team had 11 wins and Red Team had 9
Average score difference was 26 points
Biggest blowout was 70 points
Three games were decided by 1 point
The Pod made up 7% of total score
The Pod gave 36 hits and took 48.
There were 3,228 total hits exchanged.

[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”TournamentRatio.pdf”]