Laser Storm 2016 House Totals

House Standings after the regional opener.  Placement points and Achievement points in parenthesis.

House Justice: 153 points (140, 13)
House “Red Dog”: 123 points  (110, 13)
House Valkyrie:  117 points  (110, 7)
House “Diva”:  86 points  (80, 6)
House “Sanchez”: 84 points  (60, 24)
House “Reflex”:  48 points   (40, 8)
House Poseidon:  42 points  (20, 22)

Explanation for the point system can be found here.

If I don’t have a House name, the place holder is the alias of the last team captain in quotes.
Being that this is the first season, we will be adjusting the Achievement points a lot to figure it out.

Seeding for regional finals will be based solely on Placement points.
The House Cup will be awarded to the House with the highest total House Points.