Laser Storm National Rules – Simplified

National Rules and Standards of Play

(Not the official rule set)

The games you play in a regional and national tournament will have one shield, Headset lights will be on, and pods will be set for 5 points every 16 seconds.  The pods can be turned off or set to fire back for a second or so. These are options set by the arena before the tournament is held.

Any glass windows into the arena will be covered, all lighting effects will be turned off except black lights and pod effects.  A design of the arena will be used so that you cannot be completely covered while in the pod.  And music will be played but at a lower level so that you can talk to your teammates.

Packs will be assigned randomly and there will be someone checking the equipment between games to be sure no one pushed in sensors or otherwise tampered with the equipment.

A team consists of five players, one of which is a captain.  Players can only be on one team per tournament, and teams are allowed to have alternates.  Alternates can switch onto the team between games only.  If you come with less than five people, the arena will find you a player either from the local store or from the roasters of other teams.

The following are basic laser storm rules that apply during a tournament, they are common sense rules and it is considered blatant cheating if broken.  A referee can disqualify you immediately for breaking these rules:

  1. Climbing on the arena – Do not climb on the energy pods or other fixtures in the arena including barrels
  2. Headset not vertical – The headsets must be worn vertical at all times
  3. Horseplay – No horseplay is allowed, this is disrespectful to the other team
  4. Abusing equipment – Can be call for immediate team disqualification
  5. Resetting packs – Any team with a player in possession of a dummy plug during play will be disqualified
  6. Unplugging headset or Phaser – If a player his having pack problems they are to see a ref
  7. Unsportsman-like conduct – Out of control players may not only be removed from the game, but the facility as well
  8. Tampering with equipment – This is cause for immediate disqualification

Special considerations during a tournament:

-If you want to change your pack during a game, you need to go to the vesting room and get one from the ref in there.
-If a referee thinks you have a pack problem they will bring you a pack.  You must obey the refs commands at all times.
-Don’t be late for games or for the tournament, the manager can skip your games in which it is an automatic loss.
-If you have long hair it is to be pulled back.  No brimmed hats are allowed, and any head covering used must be form fitting.
-After the game is played, only captains may make complaints.  Upon complaint, tournament manager makes final call.

Tournament Penalties:

Upon breaking one of the following rules the referees will all call it out through the arena.  First offence is a warning, then points are deducted.  Up to 6 points can be deducted, totaling three penalties after your first warning, the fifth is a disqualification.  These are team penalties and apply to everyone, five total team penalties and you are DQed.

If your team gets DQed, continue playing in case any penalty is revoked.

  1. Barrier movement: Intentional – Do not separate barriers to fire through them. Do not lean on a barrier causing it to move in order to get a better shot.
  2. Barrier Movement: Non-intentional – Causing a barrier to move more than 12 inches, or a barrel to move at all.
  3. Firing over the E-Pod – Firing over, under, or through cracks between the E-pod barriers is not allowed.
  4. Crossing the Center – The phaser cannot cross the center dividing line in any way, no part of players’ body may cross either.
  5. Diversions – No diversionary tactics allowed, such as throwing objects or using artificial lights. Including phaser lights.
  6. Dead Men Don’t Talk – After a player is hit, they cannot block for others, or call out when opposing team members are located. A player may call out locations if not deactivated. A player may only call out “hit” when deactivated.
  7. Stalling – Stalling is any time a player is not in a position where they can be deactivated for more than 10 seconds.
  8. Phaser Over the Head – The phaser can be held up above the neck, however, it must be at all times aiming out towards play. A phaser cannot be held up vertical above the neck.
  9. Illegal Pod Hit – These apply anytime you are in the pod zone. Both feet must be in the pod zone to hit the pod. If you cause a penalty while hitting the pod, or to get into the pod zone, the ref may revoke your pod hit. You can reset this by leaving, and re-entering the zone.
  10. Covering sensors – No covering of headset sensors or phaser tip, with hands, or any part of your body.

Intoxication will not be tolerated.  Personal possessions are the players’ responsibility.
Additional house safety rules may be implemented.